Of Wolf and Man

The bandits defeated and Kressle captured, the group departed on their return trip to Oleg’s Trading Post. On the way, they encountered a grizzly bear with a morning mood matching the hibernation it just came out of, but they quickly dispatched it, with the help of a druid and his wolf. The druid introduced himself as Draven Volk, and he joined them in their quest, speaking of the charter, but apparently having arrived later. The bear was then skinned and cooked – Draven turned out to be a more than excellent cook – before they stopped for the night.

The party then proceeded to Oleg’s Trading Post, only making a small detour for a fight with some kobolds and a few bags of moon radishes.
Having arrived, they started their talks with Kressle, but she didn’t seem to warm up to them much.

Following this small interlude, the group went on to a temple of Erastil, by request of Jhod Kavken, a cleric of Erastil, who promised to heal them for free for as long as they wished. On the way to the temple, they explored and mapped the forest areas. They met with another grizzly bear at the overgrown temple, which attacked them, but it went down as fast as the last, turned into a man and then aged quickly and fell to dust. The temple then quickly cleared up, the pool in front of it cleared up.

The Pranksters and the Crooks

Pharast 22nd-23rd, 4710 Absalom Reckoning

As the group followed the tracks back south, they noticed they were getting harassed. Especially during the night, some strange events threw them off. They came to realise that they were having pranks played on them by fey, and all barring Rida and Ivan left some gifts behind for them.

As they approached the bandit camp, increasingly loudly – mostly due to Ivan’s stomping and clattering in his frustration over the continuing pranks – the fey revealed themselves as the grig Tyg-Titter-Tut and the faerie dragon Perlivash and warned them of the camp nearby and the ambush that might await them. The already frustrated Ivan nearly lashed out at Kobi, Perlivash defused the situation by putting him to sleep as another prank, before sitting down on the head of the sleeping Ivan.

The warning appeared useful, though, as it allowed the adventurers to surround the camp and make quick work of the bandits, although their leader, Kressle, seemed to withstand their assaults pretty well and laid Ivan low twice after he charged over the logs thrown up for the bandits’ defence. Still, as their archery skills dropped foe after foe, Kressle soon faced the 4 remaining adventurers singlehandedly, and already heavily injured by Ivan and Rida, she quickly fell to their combined attacks.

The bandits were put out of their misery, but Kressle had proved her mettle and was momentarily spared, because Ivan decided she deserves to day with a blade in her hand.

The Ambush

Pharast 20th-21st, 4710 Absalom Reckoning

Guided by the bandits’ leader – as far as he was willing to speak – the fledgling group travelled southwards, first circling the area directly south of Oleg’s Trading Post, then spending the night at the treeline. During the night you were assaulted by bandits, trying to rescue their captive fellow. Pressing their advantage of the surprise attack, they seemed to be making short work of you, but your superior skill at combat – and one of their number being shockingly beheaded by an arrow – quickly turned the tide. The remainder fled, leaving only corpses in their weak. The leader you’d caught was put to death by a female bandit’s hatchet, who then kissed his forehead and ran from sight along with the others under cover of arrow fire.

You set to pursue them by following their tracks, which proved difficult as they’d apparently covered them. Still, you managed to follow their tracks further south and then to the northwest. Along the way, Rida carved the symbol of Pharasma in some of the trees you passed, but at some point came upon a tree that already bore a symbol that you recognised as being of Erastil, and was repelled somewhat. Erastil, having been given proper praise, soon offered a falcon to serve as an offering under his Tree.

Chartered for Exploration

Pharast 15th-19th, 4710 Absalom Reckoning

An agent of the Sword Lords of Restov has asked each of you to meet with their other agents before the inn named ‘The “Maiden” Mother’. After introducing yourselves, you entered the inn and spent the night, courtesy of the Sword Lords.

Come morning, you all geared up and departed for Oleg’s Trading Post. A few days later, Oleg’s wife, Svetlana, greeted you warmly, and was most overjoyed to hear that you were, in fact, going to help them with the bandits that have been raiding them. Oleg didn’t seem as overjoyed as his wife, but he seemed keen enough to grumpily offer hospitality and aid where needed, though his wife strictly forbade him to join the battle. After preparations had been made (you forged a plan, and the High Kobold – not kobold, apparently – that joined your group, made a spiked pit trap), you rested and awaited the bandits.

In the morning, before noon, the bandits arrived, entered the small outpost’s market square and were completely overwhelmed by your sudden attack. Their apparent leader managed to fire off one shot at Rida, the cleric of Pharasma, but even that shot missed its target.

Two of the four bandits lay dead, but the leader and one of the others were merely unconscious. They soon found themselves being pressed to answer some questions, with the grunt being pummeled and the leader being strung with raised hands to receive a lash of the business end of Rida’s whip. He did sort of have it coming, having insulted her mother, that she herself hasn’t had the pleasure of knowing…

They talked, the grunt was executed by the sword, and the leader has been granted a slightly expanded lifetime by virtue of knowing the bandit camp’s location.


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