Of Wolf and Man

The bandits defeated and Kressle captured, the group departed on their return trip to Oleg’s Trading Post. On the way, they encountered a grizzly bear with a morning mood matching the hibernation it just came out of, but they quickly dispatched it, with the help of a druid and his wolf. The druid introduced himself as Draven Volk, and he joined them in their quest, speaking of the charter, but apparently having arrived later. The bear was then skinned and cooked – Draven turned out to be a more than excellent cook – before they stopped for the night.

The party then proceeded to Oleg’s Trading Post, only making a small detour for a fight with some kobolds and a few bags of moon radishes.
Having arrived, they started their talks with Kressle, but she didn’t seem to warm up to them much.

Following this small interlude, the group went on to a temple of Erastil, by request of Jhod Kavken, a cleric of Erastil, who promised to heal them for free for as long as they wished. On the way to the temple, they explored and mapped the forest areas. They met with another grizzly bear at the overgrown temple, which attacked them, but it went down as fast as the last, turned into a man and then aged quickly and fell to dust. The temple then quickly cleared up, the pool in front of it cleared up.



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